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GHD Hotels is a dynamic hospitality powerhouse with a diverse portfolio. Our aim is to provide a reliable and consistent level of great hospitality across regions at a wide range of price points. In building hotels from the ground up or converting existing hotels, we invite you to join this revolution.

The inspiring idea behind starting this company is to provide reliable and consistent hospitality services at a wide range of prices. Also, this company holds a diverse portfolio creating minimal investment risk. We are going to launch our hotel along with our Travel company, Goatrip.co.


Who are we?


The GHD group is solely owned by Mr. Bharat Thakran. It has taken strong willpower for him to explore across four business verticals in a place like Goa. Mr. Bharat Thakran's interest to explore the fields that were left behind resulted in the birth of a Corporate synergy, the GHD group. To move the needle of infrastructure to an edge by infusing it with creativity is a vital factor for the success of the GHD group. As an individual, Mr. Bharat Thakran is zestful in social welfare programs and also empathizes with humanity and makes his social concerns very impressive. We started with GHD Infra, and soon expanded our verticals to other services, testing our limits.


We at GHD group focus on the desires of our client. We believe that our society needs sustainable development. We make sure that undeveloped areas aren't left behind. We give opportunities for the locals to raise their living standards. Mr. Bharat Thakran says that exploring the real estate market in Goa helped him analyze the potential of developing housing for middle-income groups. He says that the only thing that kept him going during the Ups and downs is the consistency and work ethics that he maintains to win the trust of his clients.


Mr. Bharat Thakran is an MBA (marketing) graduate. GHD group was founded by Mr. Bharat after he faced a thousand-mile journey in his career. In the initial stages of his career, he worked in the sales and marketing wing as a sales manager, executive sales manager in various companies before exploring real estate in 2006. Finally, becoming the Managing director of the GHD group which he wouldn't have attained if he did not explore outside his field of expertise. He was also the managing director of the HH group for 7+ years. His Cross-functional leadership skills, team management skills, and industry knowledge in various fields are evident enough for how he solely owns four successful business ventures and runs the conglomerate successfully. Mr. Bharat Thakran is a man with social ethics who has a never-ending curiosity to explore, and a person with integration and commitment that gets reflected in the GHD group.


What do we provide?

We are a conglomerate who provide four impressive and efficient services across our four different companies.

●       GHD Infra developers

●       Titan Realtor

●       Goatrip.co

●       GHD Hotels

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